Our Story

In Memory of Troy Lee Schuehle

Country Life Assisted Living was established in 2010 in memory of Troy Lee Schuehle, Chelsae’s late father. Troy was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer at the young age of 33. He fought hard to spend as much time with his children as possible, but he passed away a couple years later at 35 years old.

At 10, Chelsae knew that she wanted to devote her career in healthcare for her father one day. She has worked hard in long-term care for 18 years. She started multiple medical companies and obtained her nursing license and a college degree.

The care provided at Country Life Assisted Living is based on the belief that all patients should receive compassionate care with dignity. It is the job of everyone at Country Life Assisted Living to be the best patient advocate possible and ensure that they receive quality healthcare.

Troy Lee Schuehle was not only an amazing father and husband, but he was a hard-working farmer and entrepreneur in Medina County. He was a parishioner of the St. Louis Catholic Church and volunteered his time doing what he loved most, coaching his children in their little league sports. His memory will carry on through his children, grandchildren, and the work done at Country Life Assisted Living.